The Infrastructure of our school

Date : February 17, 2018     

To: President of City College of New York Dr. Vincent Boudreau  

From: Carlos Vega 

The purpose of this memo is to address my concerns over the hygiene standards of the whole campus. As a freshman in his second semester it has been very easy to spot a lot of problems regarding this issue, in particular with the NAC building. 


In general, the standard for how clean the entire NAC building should be is very minimal to say the least. Starting with the bathrooms. Most of the times not only are the urinals clothed and full of urine, but the urinals and the toilets are a lot of the time out of service. To add to this hygiene issue, I personally have spotted cockroaches of multiple sizes in the bathroom, library and water fountains as well as mice to which little effort has been put in as this issue is still very prevalent. 

Adding to the failure of the infrastructure, the lack of reliable escalators and elevators is very troublesome. This issue has let to this being a lottery of luck for any individual student to have a simple access to their class in the upper floors of the NAC as some are not accessible without the elevator making it a 6-7 walk up the stairs. 

Another issue I was able to spot through experience has seen the lack of support for renovation in the whole campus. Walking around with tiles missing from the ceiling could be a real hazard, as well as the countless number of leaks when there are harsh weather conditions making the would building a hazardous environment. Aside from the hazardous aspect of this problem, it just isn’t up to part to the reputation it serves and stigma that’s held for what is supposed to be the “Best CUNY”. When comparing to other campuses, our just isn’t up to part with the rest. All the problems above should be taken as a serious concern as no one likes to walk around in a building that has cockroaches, mice and missing tiles from the ceiling. 


I would recommend putting an emphasis on the hygiene of the building meaning to contract an exterminating team as having mice and cockroaches could be a biohazard by itself, as well as speeding up the process of fixing the ceiling and any leaks.